Transgressive Erotica Anthology Submissions Call

Transgressive erotica is being targeted.
Corporate entities seek to suppress legal content. To limit where your imagination may go, and which piece of plastic your reader may use in order to follow.

The ‘Great Smut Purge of 2012’, instigated by corporate morality, has caused vendors to pull legal content from their digital shelves. There indeed may be titles among them with no redeeming value, titles that cross the line between legal content and illegal content. But shelved next to those are stories of merit and value, employing the same transgressional themes.

Like Lolita. Like The Beauty Series by Anne Rice. Like many of the ‘classics which have inspired you.

Like yours.

The challenge:
Write a story using any transgressional theme you choose.
Get as gritty as you need to to grind down to the pure truth of human sexuality embedded in your story.
Show the critics and moralists why your sub-genre deserves amnesty.

There will be no word limit. Any length story will be considered.
But make each word count.

Multiple submissions will be considered.

Deadline for submission: May 28th, 2012.

Publisher: TBD
All authors with accepted stories will be asked to collaborate on title and cover art.
The cover image has been generously created and donated by Narcisse Navarre.


Cover Art Donated by Narcisse Navarre

Cover Image donated by Narcisse Navarre (

14 Responses to “Transgressive Erotica Anthology Submissions Call”
  1. Send it to where, exactly?

  2. Corinna Parr says:

    Aaaaa, I love satyrs!

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